Inflammatory mediators in childhood chronic diseases

A three-tiered approach

Keustermans, Genoveva

Prof.dr. A.B.J. (Berent) Prakken & prof.dr. G. (Gerard) Pasterkamp
Dr. W. (Wilco) de Jager & dr. H.S. (Henk) Schipper
Research group:
June 26, 2018
12:45 h


Acute inflammation is the bodies short term primary response to detrimental stimuli. If left unresolved however, acute inflammation may enter a longer term and chronic phase: chronic inflammation. This thesis has endeavoured to understand and dissect the role of various key players in the context of chronic paediatric inflammation by using a three-tiered approach: cytokines, extracellular vesicles (EVs) and immune cells. By discerning the role and postulating the relevance of each tier, this body of work attempts to clarify old and provide new insights into understanding and manipulating the chronic inflammatory state.

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