How opsonins drive bacterial uptake

A phagocytes dinner

Boero, Elena

Prof.dr J.A.G. (Jos) van Strijp & prof.dr S.H.M. (Suzan) Rooijakkers
Dr C.P.M. (Kok) van Kessel
Research group:
Rooijakkers , Strijp
January 13, 2022
12:15 h


The scope of the thesis is to investigate the interplay between phagocytic cells, antibodies, and complement opsonins, to better elucidate the essential elements that drive effective phagocytosis of bacteria, and in particular S. aureus. In Chapter 2 we start by investigating S. aureus phagocytosis by human sera from healthy donors and analyze the respective contributions of antibodies and complement opsonins using a high-throughput flow cytometry phagocytosis assay. In Chapter 3 we use innovative techniques based on bioorthogonal chemistry to unravel a new phagocytic axis mediated by C3b and Complement receptor 1. Finally, in Chapter 4 we address the limitations of targeting SpA via humoral immunity, highlighting a potentially important role for IgG3.