Unraveling the tumor immune microenvironment in Neuroblastoma to discover novel immunotherapeutic targets in pediatric oncology

Children with high-stage neuroblastoma disease often show a poor survival rate (~50%)⁠. For this reason new therapeutic strategies are needed, especially for this high-stage group⁠. Recently, the interest in developing immunotherapy for neuroblastom increased significantly, especially after the implementation of anti-GD2 antibody Dinutuximab into the standard care, which already showed promising results⁠. Nevertheless, children with high-stage neuroblastoma show still a poor 5-year survival⁠. Therefore, discovering new immunotherapeutic targets in neuroblastoma is extremely important⁠. During this project we aim to unravel the tumor microenvironment in Neuroblastoma by performing single cell sequencing and CyTOF to discover potential immunotherapetic targets⁠.

Francisca Bergsma