Tumor therapy of melanoma in canine species

The aim of this project is to create immunotherapy for melanoma in canine species. Two approaches will be considered in this project.

  1. Therapeutic tumor vaccination can cure (immunogenic) tumors in animal models and is frequently tested in clinical trials in humans. Tumor antigens include tissue-specific proteins as well as neoantigens, expressed specifically in cancerous tissues.
  2. Besides the therapeutic tumor vaccination, the potential of a novel checkpoint inhibitor will be tested. Checkpoint inhibitors alleviate tumor-specific immune responses by either modulating Treg function or preventing programmed cell death in CD8 T cells. In this project, the use of anti-TNFR2 antibodies will be explored. TNFR2 is expressed on different immune cell subsets including Tregs (but also activated CD8 T cells), expression on Treg correlates with potent immunosuppressive capacity.

Esther Hindriks