Application of in-line 3D x-ray scanning of broiler carcasses as a tool to increase food safety

This project will focus on developing new techniques of post-mortem examination of chicken broiler carcasses in the slaughterhouses including 3D x-ray scanning. It is of special importance since many of the pathologies recognized post-mortem may have zoonotic potential (pathogenic bacteria), which consequently poses a threat for public health. Identifying diseased (abnormal) carcasses and their later condemnation (whole or partial) are crucial procedures of food safety. So far these task are performed by qualified meat inspectors, but investigated technique may have higher efficiency and overcome limitations associated with the human factor, consequently increasing the level of consumers protection.

The project will be conducted within the UTOPIA project, which aims to develop a powerful approach for in-line 3D X-ray scanning of agricultural products, including poultry meat, which will enable the creation of an individual digital passport of each product containing features related to safety, quality and morphology derived from the product’s 3D internal representation. Apart from animal origin food (poultry meat) the fruits (apples) are also investigated in the UTOPIA project.

Kacper Libera