Advancing Poultry Farm Health Monitoring Through the Development of an E-Nose Technology for Early Detection of Diseases in Poultry Farms

The aim of the NWO-funded OBSeRVeD (Odour Based Selective Recognition of Veterinary Diseases) project is to use Electronic Nose (E-Nose) technology to detect diseases in poultry farms by identifying specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with red mite infestations in laying hens and gut dysbiosis in broiler chickens. The research encompasses the development of VOC detection and analysis protocols and comparing them with existing diagnostic methods under experimental and (semi)field conditions. By analyzing associations between VOC-based data and animal-based data, we will also study underlying host-pathogen mechanisms in chicken intestines that may be responsible for VOC changes. Additionally, E-nose prototypes will be tested in real farm conditions and prerequisites for practical E-Nose adoption on farms will be evaluated. The ultimate goal is to improve early disease detection in poultry, reduce antibiotic use, and enhance animal welfare and farm sustainability.

Iram Gladan