Alliance EWUU

In 2019 Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and University Medical Centre Utrecht decided to form an alliance and to work together.

Challenging future generations

The motto of this strategic collaboration is challenging future generations. Young researchers, lecturers, students and professionals are at the helm and work together right across disciplines. The challenges future generations will face are large but so are the possibilities for meeting those challenges. The institutions combine their expertise in order to contribute to social transitions in energy, sustainability, health and food.

Life Long Learning

As universities joined in the strategic alliance, we have a broad and deep knowledge base and expertise in topics that benefit from a shared approach. This synergy allows us to position ourselves in a unique way to lifelong learners. We have a joint responsibility to act urgently and accommodate lifelong learners with our state-of-the-art knowledge in mutually shared domains.

Within the Life Long Learning working group, we are developing a number of courses for professionals within the themes of Preventive Health and Circular Society. One of these courses is 'How to prevent the next pandemic', a broad course for a broad group of participants in which the diversity of social sectors are reflected.

For this course we are looking for a Course Coordinator. The input of the Course Coordinator in a module contributes to the development of a shared knowledge base on that subject. However, the Course Coordinator does not do this alone, because per module there are also one or more teachers in the lead who are experts in the relevant field from their professional practice or training.

The Course Coordinator is part of a team consisting of an Instructional Designer and a Project Manager.

Role of Course Coordinator

In the process of creating a course, the Course Coordinator plays a central role.

The Course Coordinator will help the teachers and other members of the content team in preparing, designing, developing and elaborating material for the course. Moreover, he or she operates as a linking pin with the production team and acts as a process supervisor, tutor and as an intermediary between the participants and the content experts who provide input for the various modules.

Primary tasks

The main responsibilities of the content coordinator are:

  • recruiting a content team, consisting of developers/teachers from the 4 institutes of the alliance EWUU
  • assist the content team in writing a blueprint and module outlines for the course;
  • safeguard the consistency between course parts developed by different teachers, e.g. in look-and-feel, organization and terminology;
  • coordinate the planning with the production team, guard the production timeline and remind teachers of deadlines (coming up or overdue);
  • keep the production board up-to-date;
  • organize bilateral and plenary meetings with the teachers (set date, book a room, prepare agenda, take notes);
  • check if all copyrights are cleared for images and articles that the teachers wish to use;
  • together with the Instructional Designer, give feedback to teachers on draft materials (video scripts, texts, scenarios and assignments);
  • write ‘glue texts’ connecting different parts of the course, e.g. introduction sentences to each video;
  • preferably develop and teach one of the modules;
  • visit and evaluate the modules and ensure that the resulting changes are being made to the module and/or structure of the course


The Course Coordinator is someone who has enough content knowledge to understand a large part of the materials to be developed, has excellent organizational skills, and a keen eye for detail. The Course Coordinator preferably works within the field of health, life sciences or veterinary medicine.


The Course Coordinator’s works an average of 0.2 fte (8 hours per week) for an estimated 25 weeks. Until at least the end date of the course – preferably a bit longer to complete the evaluation.


If you are interested in this role or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Severina Grotenhuis, preferably before August 15th 2021.