PhD retreat 2021

24 March 2021, 12.00 - 19.00 h

Meet your peers during this interactive online PhD day about COVID-19: Scientific, Public, and Personal Lessons Learned

Deadline for registration: Monday 8 March 2021


12:15 Walk-in

12:30 Kick-off by the Committee

12:35 Lunch Session in Break-Out Rooms
           Topic: Personal ‘’Lessons Learned’’ from the Corona Pandemic

13:00 Plenary Discussion on the discussed ‘Lessons Learned’

13:15 Prof. Marc Bonten
           COVID19 and the Lessons Learned in Science

13:35 Breakout discussions on Lessons Learned in Science

13:45 Q&A with Prof. Marc Bonten

13:55 Break

14:15 Madeleijn van den Nieuwenhuizen (Opinion Maker, Instagram: zeikschrift)
           COVID19 and the Societal Lessons Learned – How to Cope with Dissenters?

14:55 Breakout Discussions on Our Own Experiences with Dissenters, what can we learn from Madeleijns’ Talk?

15:00 Break

15:30 Prof. Theo Schetters
           COVID19 and Communication to the Public: Critical Opinions from you as a Scientist and how this can be Misinterpreted by Society

15:45 Prof. Cecile van Els (Vaccinology)
           COVID19 Vaccination and Herd Immunity: Anti-Vaxxers and the Mutational Risk: How to Cope?

16:00 Plenary Session and Q&A on COVID19 and Communication to the Public

16:15 Break

16:25 Breakout Discussions on our Personal Lessons Learned (professional and private): how are we coping?

16:35 Drs. Paula Meesters (PhD-psychologist)
           COVID19 and Personal Lessons Learned: How to Cope? (including Q&A)

17:00 Concluding the First Part of the Retreat  

17:15 Online Escape Room

18:15 – 19:00  Online ‘’Borrel’’ in Breakouts