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M.L. (Marianne) Boes, PhD

Thursday 11 October 2012

UMC Utrecht, Pediatrics
Department of Immunology & Infectious diseases

E-mail: mboes@umcutrecht.nl
Website: UMC Utrecht

PhD projects
Tessa van KempenClosing in on LC3-associated phagocystosis (LAP) as the underlying cause of Psoriatic arthritis
Marthe LindenberghDeciphering the role of CD4+ T cell induced DC exosomes in transferring "a license to kill" to CD8+ T cells
Sarah SchepImmune tolerance in Hemophilia A: pathophysiologic mechanisms and differences in fVIII products
Sandra Silva CardosoTargeting fibrosis: delineating the role of CXCL4 in the deregulated immune responses in Systemic Sclerosis
Francesca VerversHarnessing invariant Natural Killer T-cells for immunoprotection in children with cardiovascular risk

PhD theses