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Thursday 22 January 2009

Group Edward Nieuwenhuis
1. Regenerating Intestinal Tissue with Stem cells, transplantation of adult human intestinal stem cells as an alternative to organ transplantation
2. Mucosal Immunology Lab

Group Berent Prakken
3. Pediatric Immunology
4. Can functional regulatory T cells (Treg) be induced in peripheral blood from humans and used for therapy in immune disorders?
5. Immunomodulation and cytokine profiling in type 1 diabetes
6. Immuno-education in the neonatal period

Group Marianne Boes
Role of endosomal antigen sorting of within human dendritic cells in T-cell priming

Group Krzysztof Trzcinski
12. Investigating the impact of capsule type and capsule-independent determinants of virulence on the burden of pneumococcal disease