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Acute & chronic inflammation

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Linde Meyaard / Louis Bont - Characterization of isoforms of SIRL-1
Linde Meyaard / Louis Bont - CD200R-mediated suppression of TLR7 signaling
Leo Koenderman / Nienke Vrisekoop - Neutrophil subsets in animal models of inflammation and cancer
Leo Koenderman / Nienke Vrisekoop - Using FLOOD, a new multidimensional analysis method for flow cytometry data, to identify different cell subsets in disease
Leo Koenderman / Nienke Vrisekoop - The effect of microplastics on the innate immune system
Niels Eijkelkamp - Monocytes/macrophages in control of inflammatory pain
Niels Eijkelkamp - Role of FAM173b in regulation of inflammatory pain
Niels Eijkelkamp - Fusion protein of anti-inflammatory cytokines for the treatment of chronic pain
Louis Bont - Study neutrophil function during RSV-bronchiolitis

Tim Radstake
Kris Reedquist - Epigenetic regulation of chronic inflammatory diseases
Kris Reedquist - Signal transduction in chronic inflammatory diseases
Femke van Wijk - T cell regulation in chronic inflammation
Jorg van Loosdregt/ Bas Vastert - Identifying novel regulators of (auto)immune activation
Jonas Kuiper - Targeting ERAP for precision medicine in HLA-class I associated ocular autoimmunity

Erik Hack (Monoclonal antibody-mediated inhibition of complement to prevent pathology)